Holiday Families

Customize your print or stationery with a special TLC character. Then, select the face/hair style and any accessories, pets or other stuff from the Design Library. Click on an image to enlarge.

FamiliesGroups/Elf Family 1.jpg (91365 bytes)
Elf Family 1
FamiliesGroups/Elf Family 2A.jpg (103216 bytes)
Elf Family 2A
FamiliesGroups/Elf Family 2B.jpg (338791 bytes)
Elf Family 2B
FamiliesGroups/Elf Family 3.jpg (112158 bytes)
Elf Family 3
Elf-Family-4a.gif (87737 bytes)
Elf Family 4

Elf-Family-5a.gif (91971 bytes)
Elf Family 5
FamilyTreeTop.gif (45427 bytes)
Family Tree Top
Elf-Family-Tree.gif (98112 bytes)
Elf Family Tree
../HolidayCards/Family Sleigh.jpg (269266 bytes)
Sleigh Family
../HolidayCards/Family Tree 1.jpg (554694 bytes)
Treemendous Family

Animals/Dog - Elf.gif (25647 bytes)
Elf Dog 1
Animals/Elf Dog 2.jpg (21185 bytes)
Elf Dog 2
Animals/Easter Bunny.gif (251884 bytes)
Easter Bunny
Animals/Turkey.gif (12113 bytes)

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