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Other Stuff

Customize your print or stationery with a special TLC character. Then, select the face/hair style and any accessories, pets or other stuff from the Design Library. Click on an image to enlarge.

Other/Flower Pot.jpg (38534 bytes)
Flower Pot
Other/Flower Pot Box.jpg (114985 bytes)
Flower Pot Box
Boxes/Flower Shop.jpg (112983 bytes)
Flower Shop
Boxes/Gift Box.jpg (27507 bytes)
Gift Box
Other/Haunted Castle.gif (514836 bytes)
Haunted Castle

Boxes/Heart Box.jpg (22917 bytes)
Heart Box
Boxes/Home Box.jpg (98292 bytes)
Home Box
Boxes/Joy Box.jpg (110727 bytes)
Joy Box
Other/London.gif (832391 bytes)
Other/Mailbox.gif (9163 bytes)

Boxes/Menorah.jpg (196468 bytes)
Boxes/Nativity.gif (228824 bytes)
Other/Noahs Ark.jpg (1946779 bytes)
Noah's Ark
Boxes/Orange Flower.jpg (123558 bytes)
Orange Flower
Boxes/Pink Flower Box.jpg (101044 bytes)
Pink Flower

Other/Potted Tree.gif (37063 bytes)
Potted Tree
Other/Rocking Horse.gif (76059 bytes)
Rocking Horse
Boxes/Sailboat.gif (181870 bytes)
Other/Sears Tower.gif (228617 bytes)
Sears Tower
../HolidayCards/Snowman.gif (16355 bytes)

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